About me

I am a first-year CS Theory PhD student at Stanford University. I’m fortunate to be advised by Adam Bouland and Aaron Sidford. Previously, I was an undergraduate student at Yao Class, Tsinghua University.


Aaron Sidford and Chenyi Zhang, Quantum speedups for stochastic optimization.

Scott Aaronson, Adam Bouland, Bill Fefferman, Soumik Ghosh, Umesh Vazirani, Chenyi Zhang, and Zixin Zhou, Quantum Pseudoentanglement. Talk at the 26th Annual Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2023).

(by contribution) Weiyuan Gong*, Chenyi Zhang*, and Tongyang Li, Robustness of Quantum Algorithms for Nonconvex Optimization.
(* marks equal contribution)


(by contribution) Chenyi Zhang and Tongyang Li, Quantum Lower Bounds for Finding Stationary Points of Nonconvex Functions. Accepted by the 40th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2023).

Andrew M. Childs, Jiaqi Leng, Tongyang Li, Jin-Peng Liu, and Chenyi Zhang, Quantum simulation of real-space dynamics. Quantum, 6:860, 2022.

(by contribution) Chenyi Zhang and Tongyang Li, Escape saddle points by a simple gradient-descent based algorithm. Accepted by the 35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021).

(by contribution) Chenyi Zhang*, Jiaqi Leng*, and Tongyang Li, Quantum algorithms for escaping from saddle points. Quantum, 5:529, 2021. Contributed talk at the 24th Annual Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2021).
(* marks equal contribution)

Awards & Honors

2022, Shoucheng Zhang Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University

2017, Gold Medal, Chinese Physics Olympiad (Top 100 around China)